The Newfoundland is a web-footed friend with life-saving instincts. This breed of dog originated from the island bearing his name, but his ancestry is still uncertain. Taken to England in the 19th century, the Newfoundland became a popular status symbol.


The traditional color is black but in England the Landseer a white and black variety, was developed. The Landseer was named after Sir Edwin Landseer who featured the breed in his famous painting "A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society".
The Newfoundland is intelligent, massive, strong swimming, powerful, gentle, and possess an instinct to save lives. As family dogs they are devoted companions and have a sweet disposition. They have liking for children and a very tolerant temperament for rough play. These dogs prefer cooler weather, the outdoors, and country living.

            Male Height: 28 in. on average. Weight: 150-185 lb. 

          Female Height: 26 in. on average. Weight: 100-145 lb.